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Parking rolls and ticketing

From the standard product for street parking machines to bespoke ticketing solutions.

Hegard produces a wide range of parking meter tickets with specialized thermal materials that keep the print legible under all weather conditions. The tickets can contain numbering on one or both sides and security features. Parking meter rolls are an excellent vehicle for advertising. Print is available on both the thermal front and the uncoated reverse side.

Cash receipt

Besides parking tickets, we can provide bespoke tickets for stationary and mobile mass transport ticket vending machines, depending on the requirements of the machine type and our customers’ needs. Tickets can be secured by using e.g. holograms, guilloches, microprint, UV-visible inks, or watermarked paper. 


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We are happy to anounce that Hegard sp. z o.o. was awarded the price of Gazele Biznesu 2020

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